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“The one thing that cannot be bought or studied anywhere is wisdom: practical wisdom which can only be obtained from age and experience”

About Us

Specialising in the problem solving and training in the retail and any other environment, the company has access to over 40 years of organization development and HR specialisation and HR generalist experience.

Under the guidance of Naadir Hodgson the company offers specialist human resources/retail consulting, troubleshooting, training, and lecturing assistance. With extensive OD experience the company can assist with problem solving and change management under any circumstances within any environment.

Companies we have assisted

Our Services

Consulting & Problem Solving

Qualified Work Study Practitioner, Project Team leader (education and health) and an experienced hands-on retail problem solver.

Training & Lecturing

Naadir Hodgson also has many years’ experience as a trainer and lecturer in Retail Management and Business Ethics.

Early Childhood Development

The company believes strongly that parenting, leadership/management, training, and education are integrally linked and cannot be separated from one another.

Sport Support & Development

Sport is good for developing young children and their characters. Apart from keeping children away from computer games, it also keeps them fit and healthy.

Umntu ngumntu ngabantu.

Translated from isiZulu as ‘a person is a person through other people’.